Equistro Elytaan

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Equistro Elytaan

Electrolytes, vitamins, trace elements and amino acids
To support the regeneration of the performance potential by compensation of electrolyte losses

sucrose 48 %, dextrose 2 %, magnesium chloride 10 %, sodium chloride 9 %, potassium chloride 2,3 %, calcium chloride 1 %, cellulose 0,4 %, magnesium chloride 10 %, sodium chloride 9 %, potassium chloride 2,3 %, calcium chloride 1 %, cellulose 0,4
Ingredients: crude protein 0.5%, crude ash 13.8%, crude fat 0.1%, crude fibre 0.1%, magnesium 2.2%, sodium 3.27%, chloride 13%, potassium 1.1%, calcium 0.29%, moisture 49.2%.
Additives/l: nicotinic acid 720 mg, Ca-pantothenate 720 mg, copper (as copper chloride) 190 mg, zinc (as zinc chloride) 1450 mg, iron (as iron sulphate) 1620 mg, manganese (as manganese chloride)100 mg, DL-methionine 1080 mg, L-lysine 1080 mg

High physical stress on the horse, such as training and competition, which is associated with heavy sweating, leads to loss of mineral salts (electrolytes), vitamins and other nutrients necessary for performance, such as amino acids.
EQUISTRO ELYTAAN contains these nutrients in the new EQUISTRO BIO-EFFICIENT formulation, which ensures their high bioavailability, thus a fast supply of the horse as well as best acceptance of the product. This ensures fast regeneration and stabilization of the performance potential.

Feeding recommendation:
In times of increased stress:
Horses 20 - 40 ml per day
Foals/Ponies 10 - 20 ml per day
To the usual ration give over the feed or drinking water
Offer water for free intake

Packaging: 1000 ml 37,34 €

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