Ichtho Vet Derma Creme, 2x 50g

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Intensive Care

Cortisone and antibiotic-free care product

  •     Soothing for dry, chapped and scaly skin irritations
  •     Facilitates the detachment of dandruff & crusts
  •     Supports skin regeneration

Recommended Use:
Before the first application, the appropriate areas should be moistened with water and cleaned with a mild shampoo. As a result, dandruff and crusts can be removed carefully. Particularly suitable is the mild ICHTHO VET® SHAMPOO.
Only when ICHTHO VET® Derma-CREME is applied directly to the skin, the nourishing effect of the gel can fully develop.

  • Thoroughly dry skin and coat with a clean towel, dab wounds carefully
  • Then we recommend shortening strong bondage, so that ICHTHO VET® Derma-CREME can be applied directly to the appropriate skin area.
  • Unless otherwise specified by your veterinarian, ICHTHO VET® Derma-CREME should be applied in the morning and in the evening until the skin recovers. Please use disposable gloves.
  • In the course of the application it can come again and again to encrustations. Therefore, before applying ICHTHO VET® Derma-CREME should be cleaned again with the shampoo as needed.
During the entire period of use, we recommend clean and dry housing conditions.
In the first 3 days it may make sense to create a bandage.

  •     Is well tolerated & doping free
  •     Contains no skin-irritating perfume
  •     Is adapted to the natural pH of the horse's skin
  •     After accidental eye contact, rinse thoroughly with tap water!
  •     Do not store for longer than 25 or below 5 ° C!
  •     Exclusively at the vet!

Content: 2x 50 g
Composition: Light sulphonated shale oil, moisturizing and moisturizing substances

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